Friday, January 21, 2011

Accessories To Further Glamourise Your Done Up Hair

So once you get your hair all pretty and handsome, ya can do your hair shopping right at the Salon itself.
We will be selling all kinda head gears including Caps, Snowcaps, Beanies, Head wraps,Hood hats, clips and stuff. Will update em bit by bit.

Ok Now about the typical hats that all of us at least own one of. Trucker caps, Baseball caps or Street caps whatever you call it. So the style of these hats have been slowly evolving. So the latest that is currently in the trend in the hoods at the states are the exact kind that i have decided to bring forth to you guys. In my opinion Snapbacks are the way to go. Snapbacks are Caps with a snap to adjust your size with. Only very few gifted people can wear fitted caps, like really! Some guys wear fitted caps and do not even realise that it looks fugly on them. So be safe, stick to snapbacks. So these caps that i got for you guys are super duper dope. I swear. The stitching is awesome, fitting is perfect, it evens out any head. Material is bangin; Twill front and peak, mesh back. New style camo printing all over front and peak,  mesh at back, rope on front.
I have posted pictures of all our designs on facebook. So do add us up and check em designs out, Some designs are already running low as they are booked. So sorry if i cannot immediately give you a certain design that is already sold out. It would be back though.  Done with the documentary! Ya wanna pre order these b4 the salon opens, you are welcome to do so. catch ya soonz! Peace out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go, on Spit it out...

Ok, So I've been getting a dozen questions and they're all somewhat the same. I wasn't going to start a blog until the Salon was officially opened but out of Due respect to my enthusiastic Clients, i am gonna spit it out.

Right now renovation is in the process, I haven't even thought of a name fer the Salon; So if you have any ideas, please, go crazy with some advise.

Now let me get to the jist of things, We are opening a Salon At Haji Lane. We are who used to be Bumaye Braids at Cineleisure, than Bugis. We're back at Haji finally to stay for good. Had to take a break for competitions and some travelling. Some of you might know us, to those who don't, i think its time you do ;) ; at least for those who dare to venture out when it comes to the top of their heads.

We do Dreadlocks, Braids, Cornrows, Hair colouring, Air brush tatoo and other wicked hairdos
be it colouring or the simple rebonding and perming the maverick style.

So, you guys have been asking about pricing on private messages and i am gonna talk about that for a bit. The question as to "how much for dreadlocks" for example cannot be answered that simply.. It really depends on what ya need. Are you looking to just dread the top of your hair(mohawk dreads) and scrape your sides? Are you looking at synthetic hair or real hair. Are you gonna do just one colour or two or three? Are you looking to dread your whole head including the sides? Are you looking to dread your own hair? how long do you want your dreads to be?

So, its impossible for me to give you guys a price by mouth. I gotta see what would look good on ya Ladies and fellas!

Another Factor, Some of these Hair dos take a ridiculously long time. Nothing that looks good comes easy see. So, Do you want to get your hair done and have an awesome relaxed time and a gorgeous experience getting it or get one of my freelance stylist to do it fer ya at a playground?

Inspite of the fact that the hairdressers are professionals and that you will be getting your hair done with complete ease and comfort, I am still pricing the services cheaper than what the market rate is for the services.  ;)

Last but not least, We did not learn to do dreads off the internet. My main
stylist Learnt it at San Francisco where she went for a Hairdressing course. So i dare say, we are probably the only people in singapore who can get your Hairdos done exactly how its supposed to be. Wait up,ve got one more thing to brag about. We were asked by a Frank Japrigos to join a hair colouring competition at spain. He personally requested for us to join the competition after looking at some of our work. We did not win it though..... ;) So, you're in pretty good hands i must say.

One of the Models....

Ok ok done with the technical details. We have good stuff in store for ya.
Imma gonna make sure the aura of the salon is gonna suit arab street and you guys just right. We gonna be having hammocks fer ya to chill outside the salon. My Friend's Bar cum Restaurant Merdandy is just beside the Salon. You can have sheesha legally in the Salon premises while getting your hair done. If enough of you guys request it, I'm gonna bring down my ps3.
Ya gonna be getting vouchers fer Merdandy and Vice versa for patronisers of both the places. So its gonna be good.

So, before the salon opens, you guys can still get your stuff done freelance by us. Ya not gonna enjoy it much though. So if you can wait We're gonna pop out End Feb. K? Wait up.

One Love

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