Friday, January 21, 2011

Accessories To Further Glamourise Your Done Up Hair

So once you get your hair all pretty and handsome, ya can do your hair shopping right at the Salon itself.
We will be selling all kinda head gears including Caps, Snowcaps, Beanies, Head wraps,Hood hats, clips and stuff. Will update em bit by bit.

Ok Now about the typical hats that all of us at least own one of. Trucker caps, Baseball caps or Street caps whatever you call it. So the style of these hats have been slowly evolving. So the latest that is currently in the trend in the hoods at the states are the exact kind that i have decided to bring forth to you guys. In my opinion Snapbacks are the way to go. Snapbacks are Caps with a snap to adjust your size with. Only very few gifted people can wear fitted caps, like really! Some guys wear fitted caps and do not even realise that it looks fugly on them. So be safe, stick to snapbacks. So these caps that i got for you guys are super duper dope. I swear. The stitching is awesome, fitting is perfect, it evens out any head. Material is bangin; Twill front and peak, mesh back. New style camo printing all over front and peak,  mesh at back, rope on front.
I have posted pictures of all our designs on facebook. So do add us up and check em designs out, Some designs are already running low as they are booked. So sorry if i cannot immediately give you a certain design that is already sold out. It would be back though.  Done with the documentary! Ya wanna pre order these b4 the salon opens, you are welcome to do so. catch ya soonz! Peace out!

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